Things to do in Montauk,NY (Weekend Getaway from NYC ) || Best of East Coast || USA

Things to do in Montauk,NY (Weekend Getaway from NYC ) || Best of East Coast || USA

Planning to visit #Montauk ? This video provides all the details about the things to do and places to visit in Montauk. Located at the east end of #LongIsland on the Atlantic Ocean, Montauk is a popular weekend getaway from New York City. It has beautiful #beaches like Ditch Plains and Kirk beach, historic places like Montauk #lighthouse, state parks such as Montauk State Park, Shadmoor state park which have dramatic bluffs and beautiful Atlantic shoreline.

You can see amazing sunset from the light house.

Also there is a state park the Camp Hero State Park where the #abandoned military base. This place is said to be the inspiration for the Netflix series #StrangerThings. At this place, according to the internet many human mind control experiments, abductions and kidnapping took place.

Montauk is also known for its food especially seafood, lobster roll being the most popular. You can have awesome lobster rolls at the iconic restaurant ‘#TheLunch aka #Lobster rolls’ on the way to Montauk. Joni’s and Navy Beach are other popular restaurants in the area which we visited. There is a famous vineyard in the area called the Wolffer Estate Vineyard. Other restaurants

We visited Montauk in the first week of May and the weather was a bit on the cooler side but the crowds were lesser.

Montauk is open for travel now with covid restrictions in place and is located 121 miles from Manhattan, New York City.

New York Covid-19 Travel information :

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