Deer hunting in bad weather does it really pay??

Well, we’ve all heard so many ‘experts’ talk about hunting deer in bad weather, really bad, nasty weather, because it forces deer to feed right? Well since it was the last weekend of Illinois deer hunting archery season I thought I would hunt no matter what. Wrong! Join me for a fun deer vlog to see what my first day was like on the last deer hunting weekend. I’ll also take a look back at planting this beautiful corn plot with the Kioti NX6010 and a great drone shot with the dji phantom 4 pro drone. This hunt is at our project 211 property and I compare who sees more deer, Mrs. Kapper, who is snuggled at home in the house, or me, as I am braving nasty wind, rain, sleet, then snow. You might be surprised! I’ll be hunting over a corn plot in a Terrain the archer 5 sided blind (thank goodness for that!). Please don’t forget to hit the LIKE button if you enjoyed the vlog and stay tuned to the channel for lots of country living action, a trespasser’s mini series, tractor projects, excavator projects, land management, habitat improvement, and country living adventures. Kapper Outdoors, living the dream, one acre at a time.

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